Sustainability and fashion are two diverse ecosystems that have rarely aligned historically, but many of your favorite brands are making a solid effort to do better.


I'm often asked, why fashion and feminism? How are the two related? My response, how could they not be? Each requires intersectionality, and I'm here to show you how it's possible to play an active role in both.

The F Word

Fabrics. Fun. Fitness. Film. Family. Frida. Fair trade. Friendships. This forum is whatever the F you want it to be.


My name is Sloane and I'm here to do better,  be better, and buy better than yesterday.

In my lifetime, I've been the ultimate fast fashion addict. Now, I want to take you on my retail rehab journey toward becoming a more conscientious consumer. My goal is to inspire the fashion-obsessed to do the same.

The environmental impact of rapid fashion is hitting us fast, pun intended. Contrary to what the industry's taught us, the amount of clothing in existence today far exceeds our annual demand. As fashion lovers, the idea of making the system circular and adding longevity to our wardrobe's lifespan should be thrilling.

We can only claim to appreciate the art of fine design if we support each individual that breathes life into fashion: the creative directors, designers, manufacturers, textile artisans, and every person in between. Each hand that touches your clothing before you has become part of its story. Let's become this story together. Let's start asking, "Who made my clothes? Is there beauty behind this process? Is there love within?" LFG.


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